Reinforced Concrete Beam Calculator — BETA

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Welcome to our free Reinforced Beam Section Calculator. This powerful tool can caclulate the shear and bending strength (or capacity) of a wide range of Beam Sections. It is an extremely fast and accurate way to check your results or possibly calculate initial dimensions of your beam section by trial and erroring a number of different section combinations.

The Reinfocement Beam Section Calculator allows you to add steel reinforcement to beam sections, to calculate the Shear and Bending capacity of your section. This steel is necessary to reduce the reliance on concrete which has a relatively low tensile strength. For most one span beams, this reinforcement will be required in the lower half of the beam section, as this is where tensile forces are usually applied to the beam.

Like our other calculators, this RC Beam Capacity Calculator is very easy to use. Start simply by entering "Add/edit Section" to add the main beam section. Once this is complete, you will need to add the steel reinforcement bars (or similar) by clicking the "Add/Edit Steel Reinforcement." There is also a Settings button so you can edit the parameters used by the calculator - use the diagram below as a guide.

The Calculator is currently in BETA testing so please leave any feedback or bugs in the below comment section.

Result Value Unit
Area - -
Ixx - -
Iyy - -
Centroid (Y) - -
Centroid (X) - -
Qx: - -
Qy: - -
Zx: - -
Zy: - -

No Capacity Results. Please enter Section and/or Steel Reinforcement for Strength Results/

If you notice any bugs or have any suggestions please mention them in the comments below.

Ixx = Moment of Inertia about the x axis
Iyy = Moment of Inertia about the y axis
Centroid (X) = Distance from the furthest left of the beam section to the section's centroid.
Centroid (Y) = Distance from the bottom of the beam section to the section's centroid.
Qx = Statical Moment of Area about the x-axis
Qy = Statical Moment of Area about the y-axis
Zx = Section Modulus about the x-axis
Zy = Section Modulus about the y-axis

Width (b)

Height (h)

Enter dimensions in mm

Bar Diameter:

Number of Bars:

Steel Area:

Distance from Bottom: (d)

Enter dimensions in mm

Metric (mm, kN, Pa)
Imperial (in, kip, psi)

Compressive Strength Material 1 (f'c): MPa or psi

Yield Strength of Material 2 (fsy): MPa or psi

Yield Strain of Material 2 (esy)



6 thoughts on “Reinforced Concrete Beam Calculator — BETA

  1. This looks like a very simple RC design however not sure under settings what Yield Strain is? Do I factor .003 of compression Strength? and also not sure how to calculate top bars. Any help or tutorial would be great. I typically know what I want for beam size etc and look to support my design w/ calcs for my engineer to review Thanks

  2. i want to know how to calculate the finish surface area of ibeam after applying a coating of thickness 40 mm. size are flange 300 mm thick-15.5 & web 600 thickness 12

  3. Hello there, first of all, great feature, congrats…;)
    I notice that we are able no have some good info, but what about if instead of having just bars on the bottom, we could have them like the image shows, two on the bottom and two on the top, that’s the way I see in most of the concrete beams.
    Hope that I helped in any way, see ya.

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