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Beam Tutorials
This tutorial will be broken up into three parts that will help you understand how to find the important parts required to perform a simple beam analysis. It will teach you how to find and draw bending moment diagrams, shear force diagrams and the reactions of simple beams. These are very important tools and skills for an engineer to have, and are a very integral part of your undergraduate college degree program. It is important to take your time to go through these simple tutorials and steps to calculate these important diagrams. Click on one of the options below:
  1. What is a Bending Moment
  2. Reaction Forces at Supports
  3. How to calculate Shear Force Diagrams
  4. How to calculate and draw Bending Moment Diagrams
  5. Calculating Bending Stress
  6. Bending Moment Equations

These are very simplified steps that can be followed for all determinant beams. These questions are very common in final engineering exams for university degrees, particularly mechanics of solids and structural subjects. So again, it is important to take your time with these bending moment diagram tutorials, to gain a useful understanding of these concepts.

Truss Tutorials
The following tutorials will explain how to solve truss problems from start to finish through a simple determinant truss system:
  1. Solving a Truss by Method of Joints
  2. Method of Sections

Beam Section Tutorials
When the section of a beam is involved the centroid (or center of mass) and moment of inertia are usually the most important properties of the beam which need to be considered:
  1. Centroid of a Beam Section
  2. Moment of Inertia of a Beam Section.
  3. Calculating the Statical Moment of Area of a Beam Section (First Moment of Area)