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Please post below with any suggestions you may have so that we can improve our calculator! Also if you have any general comments (positive or negative) then don't be afraid to let us know!

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205 thoughts on “Suggestions & General Feedback

  1. Hi, first let me thank you for the free online calculator. It has been useful.

    However I am looking at your tutorials (not yet finished reading) but I found a few possible mistakes you have made and a typo so far:
    it will cause the ruler to bend. At the end where a force is applied will experience the greates bending moment.
    I believe it should be “will experrience the GREATEST” bending moment.
    The first equation: Summation of Moment at B = 0 = 20(2) – A(y)(4) —- this is a summation, I believe it is confusing to use ” – A(y)(4)” . It should be more correctly to write as
    Moment at B = 0 = -20(2) + A(y)(4) (you are taking downward force negative in part 2, it is you stating that we should stick with same sign convention) although the two equations are essentially equal.

    Thanks for the attention, again, the calculator is excellent.

    • Thank you for your feedback. These tutorials have been adjusted. However, I do not agree with your point about the summation of the moment about point B in the reactions tutorial. The sign convention was that counter-clockwise moments were positive. So it is correct to say: 0 = 20(2) – Ay(4). Thanks again.

  2. Great effort and really helpful! It would be much better if you give step by step solution to problems.
    With Regards from Pakistan. (Y) Keep it up! <3

  3. Hi i find this very useful. just want to give you an example. take a beam 9m long ,I-beam depth is 130mm for 1st 2m’s then 180mm deep for 3m’s then 300mm for next 2m’s. if i can enter the moment of inertia value @ each depth of the section to calculate stress & deflection better. i would really appreciate if you can include this onto your program. thanks guys.

      • Hello, I need to work with stepped shafts. I used to use a program called Beam II that could calculate the deflections at all points along the shaft. For now I can get the Moment of Inertia off my cad model and do a hand calculation at selected points to obtain deflections. Adding multiple beam sections would be most helpful. Could you make sure to add stepped shafts to your program?

        John A.

  4. If you do not have it, I could not find it, variable sections beams would be very handy. That is frequently done when designing plastic snap fits. Typically, just one dimension of the cross section changes along the length, so it seems it would not be terribly difficult incorporate. With that feature, I am a pro user in two seconds. Without it, I am on the fence.

    Thanks for a nice product. Best like it that I have seen.


  5. It is useful to know these important things to civil engineering students. If you provide the formula & calculation(simple to know), It will be much better than lecturers. Goodluck for your project.
    Thank you.

  6. The shear-moment diagram solver is very impressive. However, it doesn’t have any educational component other than to do homework and take-home test questions for students who can’t do the work themselves. It doesn’t teach them how to do the diagrams or what they mean, it just solves them.

    I think you should warn students that use of this calculator may violate academic integrity rules. Four of my students found it, used it, and have just gotten zeroes on their take-home exams.

    • Hi Welbourne. The solver allows students to check their answers but it also can be very educational as students can tinker with forces and supports and see how they affect the internal shear and moment of a beam.

      If students are naive enough to think that simply handing in a printed version of the solution page or some screenshots is the same as completing an assignment or an exam then they deserve 0. In saying this, we have a set of simple tutorials for students to follow about how to calculate shear and moment diagrams.

  7. You could add a second dimension to the bending moment calculator, allowing forces to be applied in two directions, and show the reaction forces and bending moments in both directions, as well as the total moment.


  8. You guys should add in a step by step window showing the equations behind the solutions, so students can practice the problems and check where they when wrong with their own equations. Besides that the program is amazing!

    • Kyle, We would do this but the program doesn’t use the same methods that students are taught unfortunately. We agree that it would be really helpful though.

  9. These are helpful, and I like the format of the tutorials, however, the links for the bending moment diagram, and reaction forces at supports are broken from the tutorials page.

    • Thank You so much for letting us know Jonathan! Should be fixed now. If you didn’t say anything, we wouldn’t have realised. Thanks again!

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