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Have you ever been completely confused about your engineering units when answering a statics, structural or mechanics of solids question? I must admit there were times I'd get confused between pressure or stress units such as Pa (N/m2). Have you ever been assigned questions in SI units when you only know American units? Well now you can use our engineering unit converter for the most common units encountered in structural/statics questions!

If you notice any bugs or have any suggestions please mention them in the comments below.

Let's convert some typical engineering units!

4 thoughts on “Unit Converter

  1. I like to congratulate the person/persons behind this helping tool. At least it will help us to compare our calculations with it. Without comparison we can not be confident of anything.

    • Yes you are right! Thanks for spotting this error! We will fix it soon. It appears the whole moment conversion system isn’t working too well in some areas. My apologies. I will make a comment when it is resolved.

    • ***RESOLVED – 12 June 2014***
      The issue with the moments conversion should be fixed now.

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